Making Time to Make It Happen

What day is it? And in What Month? This Clock Never Seemed So Alive

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of your post. 

First breath of air,

First word and first tooth,

First car and first date

All milestones of youth.

Growing up quickly

Right before our eyes

“Time is a gift”

~ Words from the wise.

Rushing home from work,

Shuffling through bills,

Hurrying through dinner,

Studying and drills.

Tossing in laundry,

Taking out trash,

The evening goes by

Faster than fast.

Another day’s gone

Another day’s passed.

How can we make

these moments last?

Time well spent

But never enough,

Time flies too fast

Gone with a puff.

Friday night date night,

Saturday chores,

Sunday sleep in,

Dreaming for more,

More time for them,

More time for you,

Some “Me” time for me.

What more can we do?


Plan and promise.

Laugh and share.

Don’t miss a thing.

Always be there.

Pause and watch.

Embrace and smile.

Our lives may be long.

But we’re only here a while.

The Instant My Life Changed

I will never forget the instant when I finally made the realization I had to leave him.

That was the instant my life changed forever.

That was the instant when I started living for myself .

For years, I worked hard to make his life the best it could be for him.

It was never about us.

It was never about me.

It was about an image he wanted,

The control he craved,

And essentially, as I know now,

The insecurities he felt about himself.

When I failed repeatedly,

Because his expectations were way out of reach,

I began to view myself as a failure.

In that instant, I was on a path to a place where

I would find worth and value in all that I did.

In that instant, I was on a path to a place where

I was smart enough and funny enough to enrich people’s lives.

I that instant, I was on a path to a place where

I was pretty enough and I would love who I was,

Despite my flaws.

In that instant, I was on a path to a place where

I would trust myself to make decisions.

I was on a path to happiness

In the instant

when I finally made the realization

I had to leave him.

Because He Exists, I Do Too

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

I must prove to you

the existence

of the person I had,

then lost,

and tried to live without,

and now have back again….

my man.

Without his existence,

I’d fail to exist in the happiest state I’ve ever been in.

So just try to tell me he does not exist.

 And I’ll say,

“Look at me….

I am here

and I am real

and there’s no denying

I am happier than you’ve ever seen me.”

He is the one

who climbed over the walls,

then knocked them down


He did it with his own two hands and

those strong arms that wrap around me

like no others in the world.

Without him,

all the years of sadness and pain would still be here

weighing me down.

Now I soar like a kite

every day

and enjoy the view.

I laugh.

I live.

Because of his love.

To My 14-Year-Old Self

Dear 14-Year-Old Me,

The 8th grade is tough. There’s no doubt about it. And for a girl like you, who strives to be perfect and never disappoint….it’s got to be even tougher.  But here is what I want you to know…

Bottom line…it’s ok to make mistakes. It’s ok to try new things and it’s ok to cry. It’s ok to fail. It’s good to take chances and go outside your comfort zone. It’s better to figure out who you are than try to fit into some pre-conceived picture-perfect mold.

No one is going to tell you that though. I wish so badly that someone had. I wish someone would push you, encourage you, trust you to make and learn from mistakes and not just expect that you will always do what was “right.”

So I am trying to telling you now… but it’s hard to find the words.  I struggle because it hurts.   I am sad thinking of all the regrets you will have one day. There are so many things you will miss out on and so many ways your life could have been different…if you had the confidence and permission to just live.

To dance like no one was watching.

To laugh uncontrollably.

To cry when it hurts.

To love with all your heart.

To walk away when you need to.

I don’t ever want you to be stuck in a place where you don’t want to be. I don’t ever want you to want something so badly, but be too afraid to ask. I don’t ever want you to feel you are letting people down. It’s not about them. It’s about you.

That may sound selfish, but it’s true. In the end, there are going to be a handful of people that matter. And YOU are the most important one. If you do not love yourself and the life you are living, it will be damn near impossible to let anyone else love you like you deserve to be loved.

Your dearest friend,