Making Time to Make It Happen

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Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of your post. 

First breath of air,

First word and first tooth,

First car and first date

All milestones of youth.

Growing up quickly

Right before our eyes

“Time is a gift”

~ Words from the wise.

Rushing home from work,

Shuffling through bills,

Hurrying through dinner,

Studying and drills.

Tossing in laundry,

Taking out trash,

The evening goes by

Faster than fast.

Another day’s gone

Another day’s passed.

How can we make

these moments last?

Time well spent

But never enough,

Time flies too fast

Gone with a puff.

Friday night date night,

Saturday chores,

Sunday sleep in,

Dreaming for more,

More time for them,

More time for you,

Some “Me” time for me.

What more can we do?


Plan and promise.

Laugh and share.

Don’t miss a thing.

Always be there.

Pause and watch.

Embrace and smile.

Our lives may be long.

But we’re only here a while.